A kaleidoscope of hand dyed yarn awaits

Colinette and myself (her son) welcome all knitters, textile creators, and lovers of fabulously coloured fibres.  We wish to invite you on an exploration of our scrumptious hand dyed yarns. Colinette Yarns has been hand dyed yarn specialists for nearly 40 years now and just like the very first days on our kitchen stove, we still follow my father’s book of spells and incantations. He was a true artist who craved colour. Each skein of yarn from wool to cotton is dyed in small pasta pots, a nod to our times in Italy. I could tell you so much and will do, but for now sit back and enjoy our world of stunning colours. Created by us artists for artists… yes that is you. 

red panda

Wool – Bamboo Double Knit Yarn

point 5

Super Chucky Yarn


Chucky luxury mohair Yarn


3 ply Aran Worsted Yarn

Point Five freshly dyed

Vibrancy, Love, Passion, Yarn, Wool and Fibre

The purity and intense bursts of colour that we paint onto our hand dyed yarns are straight from the playbook of artists like Turner, Monet and Giotto. We blend shades from primary colours just as the masters have done down through the ages.

Colinette Yarns We have been trading for 39 years
Colinette Yarns dyed in pasta pots
Colinette Yarns we recycle water
Colinette Yarns dyed by artist for artists

colinette's Journey

The road that led Colinette to play with hand painted yarn
and fibre started out many years ago. There was something very tactile about
super chunky wool that embraced the jewel- like colours. I called this slub yarn
‘Point Five’ and it became Colinette Yarns’ signature dish.

Other fibres followed. Silks, textured chenille, soft mohair
and finer sock wool to name but a few. All waiting to be hand dyed.


Let’s go back to the early 1970s and meet the two creators.
Colinette a textile artist and her artist painter partner Geoff. The setting is
southern Italy where the beautiful sunlight starts the magic….

Colinette Sansbury Biography Photograph colinette yarns hand dyed yarn

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