free spirit

Throw kit and more

Introducing our latest Colinette throw kit. Two boxes of sumptuous hand dyed yarns, enough to make one of three throw designs. We include a pattern booklet and you can select from 6 sumptuous colour combinations. 

the elements

These kits explore the textures, and the sensations we feel when the yarns run through our fingers. The yarns in the kit are listed below. We keep these yarns constant.

Six colourways

There are six colourways. A colourway is made from the shades of the eight skeins in the kit.

These shades can shift across the yarn types, giving the kit it’s free spirit. The idea is to keep the colourway constant whilst still allowing for subtle variations on it’s theme.

The designs

The ‘Free Spirit’ throw kit includes a booklet of four designs 

Share your story, and inspire others

A challenge if you will, to all those who dare to be different. If you take these yarns and find new visions, art pieces, cushions, garments, whatever direction the wind blows you in, then we would love for you to share it with all these yarn travelers.