moons of jupiter

a Colinette experience

zero gravity

Like dark matter and elemental dust floating in time, fibres and colours combine until something wonderful happens…


a moon is born

colinette Yarns Moons of jupiter - Shade IO

Inspired by the heavens, colinette’s latest kit takes you on a voyage exploring texture, colour and form…


the stars align

your voyage

“it’s full of yarn”

six skeins of luxury fibres

To make a stunning shawl of concentric rings and textures

Come see the yarns up close

Colinette Yarns mohair ecru


Oh so soft

2 x 50g skeins of luxury chunky mohair


75% mohair, 20% wool, 5% Nylon, 145m per 50g, Chunky weight. 

Jitterbug: merino sock

deliciously tactile

2 x 75g skeins of  100% pure merino superwash 

100% pure merino, super wash 375m per 100g, sport weight. This is a three ply yarn.

Colinette Yarns Jitterbug sock yarn merino ecru
Colinette Yarns Onezero chunky 100% wool yarn ecru

One Zero: pure wool

creamy thick and thin yarn

2 x 100g skeins of pure chunky wool

100% pure wool, 100m per 100g slub chunky yarn.

When you combine the right elements, a certain magic takes place. Mix super soft merino with super light mohair, add a touch of texture, and voila. A gravity defying art to wear piece that is as light as a feather – well almost.  Time to scrunch it, drape it, wrap it, and put it in your bag, it’s a breeze… or should I say… it lives for a breeze.

choose your moon

select from five moons

colinette Yarns Moons of jupiter - Shade TRITON



colinette Yarns Moons of jupiter - Shade IO


colinette Yarns Moons of jupiter - Shade GANYMEDE


Colinette kits set the standard for how colour, texture and yarns can be combined – inspiring, evocative, and compelling. By seeking the most vivid tones, finest fibres and tactile sensations, your kit will come full circle and reward you. 


in space others can’t hear you when you knit… 


wear it your way...

Upside down, inside out, you spin it round the way you like it! Time to break the rules, have fun, and wear it your way. We did!

Colinette Yarns summer shawl

in focus...

Turn heads, and carry easy. Summer evening style the Colinette way. 


flight pattern

The Moons of Jupiter shawl kit includes a booklet with diagrams, hints, tips, and pattern.

colinette yarns moons of jupiter pattern

Tried & Tested

With this kit comes a pattern booklet with all the instructions, hints and tips for making this stunning project.

misson control

in numbers


Why people love buying from Colinette

gift ready

Many comment on how we love to pack our kits and yarns. We believe that every kit should feel like opening a birthday present, so that's why we lovingly prepare each kit in case it's a special moment.

fast shipping

We get on and make sure your order gets to you in a timely fashion. We also realize that once you have ordered you can hardly wait to get started. Yarn addicts perhaps?

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It starts with fibres, and we choose the best. Why? It is simple, hand dying is an art form and as a family of artists we understand there is little point trying to make great art with inferior materials.