It is often said that ‘life is too short…’ Well if you have ever been a human ball winder, the back of a chair or partner with outstretched arms, you know the phrase surely applies. However, if your yarn comes on cone then make yourself a cuppa, because you are already ahead of the game.

Not all good thing come in small packages! These big balls are made to make you think outside the box. Let your imagination run riot for a fraction of the normal price.

Sometimes skiens just miss the magic number, and in this section you can find a few of these said items that give you the Colinette goodness at a tasty price. Most skeins are slightly under their normal weight (all weights stated).

Splater, dip and paint hues onto these rich fibres. Alchemy at its purest. Each fibre has its own nature and to discover its characters and how they dance with the dyes is what has kept us captivated for quite some time. Feel inspired. Why don’t you have a go, gloves off or on, depending on your wish to frighten friends and family with your funky dyed fingers.

‘Roll up, roll up, roll up. Get it while it’s here. Love it or loose it. One time offers now!

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