Hullabaloo - Gauguin


Hullabaloo – Gauguin


Yarn fibre type Material: 66% wool 33% black Welsh wool
Weight in grams per skein Skein size: 50g
Number of metres per skein of yarn m/yrd per Skein: 75m/82yrd
Thickness of yarn and gauge of yarn Yarn gauge: Aran
Knitting needle sizeNeedle Size: 4.5mm
Knitted tension square 10cm x 10cm Tension: 18sts x 25rows
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We dye our yarns in small batches in our dye workshop in Marlborough, UK. Colours may vary from skein to skein, even within the same dye-lot. This is part of the charm of a hand painted yarn. If you buy more than one then we will do our best to match them as closely as possible. We take great care in photographing our yarns, but some colours may vary slightly.

Additional information

Weight0.06 kg

Aran – Worsted

Needle size


yarns type


Meters per skein

Hullabaloo, 75m/82yrd

Tension 10cm x 10cm

Hullabaloo, 18stsx25rows

Yarn Composition

Hullabaloo, 66% wool 33% black Welsh wool

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Colinette Yarns Hullabaloo raw, 66% wool 33% black welsh wool

Kneaded Together the Three Ply Way

Watching the twisting together of thinner yarns to make a plyed skein is an exhilarating experience. How such things are interlaced like fancy loaves on bread boards is truly beyond me. The special ingredient in this worsted weight yarn is the Black Welsh ply that is combined with the pure 100% wool to give an almost sweet like twizzle. If you are looking for a robust aran weight yarn for a highland knit, then stop right here and take a look. Tweedy, colourful and one Colinette continually comes back to.

Colinette Yarns Hullabaloo yarn colours

A black Twist on an Aran Classic

When you start with a blank canvas, piece of paper or hank of yarn, you can get a little intimidated. Hullabaloo breaks the silence with its Black Welsh twist, no need to worry as the colour journey has started. But wait, in the place of a flying start to all things hand-dyed and colour related, a marker is laid down. Do I go light and show off the humbug twist, or do I go into the deeper shade and mask its spiral repetitions? This is the beauty of Hullabaloo and its connection to our hand dyed techniques, it is different and exciting to use.

Colinette Yarns Hullabaloo hand dyed yarn packaging

Colinette Yarns Packed with colour

Anticipation, wonder and joy, how can these things be gathered up and sent by land, sea, and air? Well, with care and pride we parcel up your goodies in neat boxes, sealing in all these feelings, knowing that you receive more than the yarn you have ordered.


My yarn parcel has just arrived . I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely presentation in it’s box and with the pink tissue . It feels so special . I love making my hats with the fabulous yarn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hullabaloo?

Hullabaloo is a Colinette favorite, robust aran weight yarn that is a three ply, two of which are pure white wool and one of Black Welsh 100% wool. On each 50g skein is 75m of yarn. Tension is 18stsx25rows on a 4.5mm needle.

Will Colinette Yarns Hullabaloo felt?

Yes is the short answer, as a 100% wool this will felt. the interesting part is that the different plys might felt at different rates so depending on your project this might be a creative edge you are looking for.

Can you use a washing machine to wash the Hullabaloo?

We do not advise machine washing for this yarn. Hullabaloo will felt if overly agitated and or subject to big changes in temperature. A washing machine both heats up and agitates the items so the warning bells are ringing. So better to threat this hand dyded product with some good old fashioned hand washing in cold water using very little soap. Gently rinse and squeeze out some of the excess water. Lay the project flat on a towel to dry. Do not forget to turn once in a while and take away the towel once most of the moisture has been collected by it.

What size knitting needles and crochet needle do you recommend?

We suggest a 4.5mm but depending on the effect you are after you can go either way.

Will Hullabaloo Pill?

Pilling happens to most woolen yarns as a matter of course, over time the outer parts of the fibre rub and join to make little ball of fluff. But wait, with a bit of patience and maybe a combination of carefully pulling the balls off and things like sellotape even Velcro you can bring back a garment from looking tired to feeling fresh and new. Just go carefully when de-pilling and if you are pulling too much off then you are using the wrong technique.

Are these Yarns all hand dyed?

At Colinette we only hand dye our yarns, that is the way we have always done it. And the largest amount dyed in a single pot is a kilo. So we really are the artisan alchemist we say we are.

Is Colinette a real person?

As her son I can most definitely vouch for her. I do remember a conversation once at a TNNA show in the USA where the people at the table were discussing this very question. Finally a knitter joined the table and said that Colinette was real, and that she had taken one of her courses in the UK and even stayed overnight at her house. I was pleased I did not have to resolve this debate myself, and left the table with a small smile on my face.