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With a creative free spirit, and a passion for colour, Colinette's journey has given textile artists the inspiration and yarn to help illuminate the world.

Ours is a tale fit for a book or two… Since the 1970’s Colinette and her family have charted a course that has left a trail of colour and texture behind her. From the white washed walls of coastal Italy to the market stalls of Covent Garden London, this is a story of  a yarn company that happened by accident but was fashioned by pure hard work and creative flair.


In her early 20’s and living Italy, Colinette started searching for textiles and fine lace that she could fashion into one of a kind garments that she would sell to prestigious retailers back in London and New York.  


However, as the well of stunning handmade laces dried up it fell to Colinette to find an alternative path for her creative vision, and at the heart of it was always the raw material, fibre, wool, cotton, the elemental stuff from which all things could be made. Armed with just an old spinning wheel, a yarn was born and a destiny laid down.

Everything but the kitchen sink... For Colinette that included the kitchen sink, literally.

It turns out that sometimes the imperfect is simply perfect. The important thing is to realise this fact. Colinette’s spinning is perhaps not the most technically accomplished, but lucky for us that imperfection led to the super chunky slub yarn she called ‘Point Five’. Our signature yarn, loved the world over.


Colinette, having now fashioned her raw fibres into yarn was now ready for the fun stuff. Sleeves rolled up and the kitchen quiet in the dead of night, the stage was set for the opera that would transform a thousand knitting needles, crochet hooks, looms and more. Colour…

Colinette Yarns 100% wool super bulky super chunky hand dyed yarn perfect for hats scarves and big knitting and crochet campfire stories

"Colour is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment."

Claude Monet

Colinette Yarns Point 5 monet skein

That fateful evening changed everything for the whole family and ushered in a new way of approaching hand dying. It was not long after that moment when a lifelong collaboration with Artist husband Geoff, a student of Victor Pasmore, Richard Hamilton and Terry Frost. Together Colinette and Geoff have created some of the most iconic colours ever dyed.

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